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If its Concrete, Decorative Rock, Construction aggregates, Bagged cement of all types, Fence Block, Patio Pavers, Flagstone, Moss Rock and More. Valley Sand and Gravel offers it All at One Stop Shopping

Valley Sand and Gravel is a family owned business. When the family's great grandfather arrived in Yuma sixty years ago he started Valley Sand and Gravel as a 1 man 1 truck business. Using his business model of honesty, integrity, and quality product at a fair price, he made an honorable, productive living for his family which now spans 4 generations. Valley Sand and Gravel grew as Yuma County's population exploded. Sixty years ago Yuma County had a population of 15,000 people and recent statistics state there are now over 200,000 full time residents plus additional residents during the winter months.

Valley Sand and Gravel met the community's increasing needs by growing their company from one truck to an inventory of multiple sized delivery trucks ranging from small for residential to large for commercial and increasing their products from sand, gravel and concrete. Sixty years ago the great grandfather was the only employee, now there are 22 full time employees. The employees display the same honesty and integrity upon which the company was founded. The longevity of the staff, their loyalty to the company and performing their duties with the stated values have resulted in the stability and growth of Valley Sand and Gravel. Examples of staff loyalty and commitment are evidenced by one employee started as a Yuma High School student in a vocational program 30 years ago, another employee came to the company looking for a life time career 38 years ago from a fast food job and there is an employee who has been a valuable member of the team for 14 years. The staff greets customers and meets their needs quickly and efficiently rather than having the customer wander unassisted as occurs in the larger businesses in Yuma County. There are bilingual delivery and office staff to meet the needs of the customers.


When the company started Yuma's needs for this business were simply sand, gravel and concrete. As Yuma County grew, Valley Sand and Gravel expanded their products from sand, gravel and concrete to include residential concrete and commercial concrete, colored concrete, colored gravel, landscaping products, affordable decorative rock, river rock, pavers, patio and fence block, Mexican brick, flagstone, moss rock, silica sand, fill sand, products for residential projects and landscaping, products utilized in commercial landscaping, tools and more.

Valley Sand and Gravel welcomes the customer who walks in seeking the products and tools needed to complete their home and commercial landscaping projects, and for purchases of residential concrete, commercial concrete, sand, gravel and other commercial and residential needs. The company fulfills the customers' needs by providing the product by the bag, piece, pallet, bucket, pick-up or by delivering the purchase in their large commercial delivery vehicles.

Valley Sand and Gravel expanded their operation base and customers as the population in Yuma County grew and extended outside of the city of Yuma. The company moved twice from their original location in the north end of the City of Yuma to their current location in order to address the need for equipment upgrades and increasing inventory. In 1995 the site on South Frontage Road in the Foothills was opened to meet the requests of the Foothills neighbors. The company has a strong customer base in east Yuma County from Wellton to Dateland and south Yuma County including Gadsen, Somerton and San Luis. Residents and businesses from neighboring California towns, Quartzsite, Martinez Lake and Yuma Proving Ground are also a valued customers.

Originally customers paid by cash and carry methods or paying from their business or personal check books. Now Valley Sand and Gravel accepts all major credit cards (except American Express) debit and, as always, cash. As businesses became more sophisticated in their methods of operation and concerned about the impact on the community during the past 60 years, Valley Sand and Gravel has excelled. Their operation is continually environmentally conscious, compliant with environmental standards and maintains the permit for the environmental quality standards set forth and regulated by the State of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

Valley Sand and Gravel proudly sponsors the local school organizations, benefits local causes and contributes their resources to the ongoing needs of Yuma County. The company is a valuable contributor to the Yuma County economic base through their local purchases, their employment of local residents and increasing the revenue to the County from their sales. Valley Sand and Gravel operates with the exceptional standards upon which it was founded sixty years ago.

The 60 year mission statement of Valley Sand and Gravel remains:

Valley Sand and Gravel has been servicing the Yuma community over 50 years